Vegan animal welfare

The animal world is an integral part of our world. It is connected to our planet, nature and habitats like the oceans.

For Animal Eden, animal welfare means thinking not only about our pets, but including all animal species and their habitats.

To ensure welfare for all animals we all need to change our lifestyles, because animal welfare can only come about when we understand that the greatest abuse is committed by industries that cater to our habits as consumers.

The cheapest possible meat, low-cost and also luxury leather goods, the pharmaceutical industry and much more use animal parts in their production.

In order to meet the enormous demand, especially in industrialized countries, the “production” is getting cheaper and cheaper and this happens through factory farming, as a collective abuse of all animals.

We invite you to check your everyday life for animal suffering, think about where you resort to animal materials, out of habit, maybe because you are not aware of it or because you do not know any alternatives.

If we reduce the tremendous amounts of methane gas produced by meat and dairy production, we help the earth survive.

“Exhaust gases” are among the biggest destroyers of the ozone layer. When it comes to the threat of climate change, here we have an effective tool to save this planet for us and the animals.

In our annual calendar productions we pay attention to a completely “vegan” and animal suffering free production. This begins with the catering and ends with animal-free clothing for our models, so we achieve a product that is whole-heartedly with the animals.