Foundations and why have there support

Animal Eden e.V. is a relatively small Charity. We prefer clear, visible projects that are based on the maximum impact any caritative work can have. For this reason, larger projects, especially our worldwide actions are founded via foundations and project sponsors. This strategy provides a clear outline of how to divide funds between our own supported animals, our Animal Eden Paradise rescue estate, and the worldwide projects we undertake.

We always aim for structured help and long-term changes that do follow our projects, and also the exchange of knowledge and skills within our veterinary team. We make friends in former unknown communities and children are our fastest learners for the future team since once they understand their “animal brothers & and sisters” they are practically unstoppable in helping them.

The way we work and treat animals within our actions is appreciated and honored through special project funding from many well-known foundations. We can easily say we set new standards in Animal Welfare and the way we treat, see and help animals within our projects.

Please note: Not all foundations wish to be named, but we are happy to introduce you to two of our supporting Foundations:

Siggi & Sissy Loch Foundation for Animals and Humans

12/2021 Funding for castration campaigns

The well-known Siggi & Sissy Loch Foundation Stiftung promotes humans and animals in their mutual relationship and also supports humans and animals in need. This purpose is realized in particular by raising and forwarding funds for the realization of charitable and non-profit purposes by another tax-privileged corporation. However, the purpose of the foundation can also be realized through its own measures, such as the financial support of people in need, the protection of natural living conditions of wild animals, the prevention and prosecution of any cruelty to animals or treatment of animals that is not appropriate to the species, the establishment and operation of homes where people can live together with animals under one roof, of sanctuaries, rescue stations, and animal shelters, as well as public relations, work for the concerns and purposes of the foundation.

Logo Uli Stein Stiftung

Uli Stein Foundation

Allowance for the outdoor enclosure of our handicapped dogs at our French sanctuary.

The founder of the foundation, Uli Stein, was born in Hanover in 1946. He initially worked as a freelance journalist, photographer, and scriptwriter for radio comedy before starting his career as a cartoonist. In the mid-seventies, his humor attracted the attention of various major magazines. Uli Stein gave the world constant little smiles and was an animal lover by heart.

His vision of animal characters was made visible by his passion for taking close-up portraits, and over time he got to know a lot of pet stories, most of them tragic so he decided to help, he was a full-on animal rights activist until his death on 29.08.2020. Luckily, the Uli Stein Foundation for Animals in Need will be continued in his spirit.

The Uli Stein Foundation is committed to helping animals in need and supports animal welfare organizations in Germany and abroad.

Since 2018, more than 400 animal welfare associations have been supported.