Dog and woman
Surgery team romania
Dog, entrance of animal clinic
Ultrasound to a lady dog before castration
two dogs on the arm
monitoring during anaesthesia
surgery team castration
anesthesia to a cat
cat with blue eyes
cats after surgery
Improvised cat transport boxes in romania
dog feeding shelter romania
dog is waiting the food
puppies became some fresh meat
dog mama and puppy became some fresh meat

Help Us To Prevent The Planned Killing Of Animals

Fall 2018: we have the opportunity to prevent a planned killing of stray dogs and cats in Romania, where we carry out a neutering program.
The local authorities have agreed to refrain from a “clean-up action” in the event of execution. We plan to castrate between 50 and 80 animals with a medical team.

Furthermore, there are many animals that suffer from tumors and other life-saving operations, which were requested by the population for their dogs and cats. Romania is one of the poorest countries in the EU and people just do not have the money for the most needed interventions, but are ready to take their animals to the doctor and work with us.

Please help us save lives, we are happy and over every Euro!