Animal Eden Paradise

Animal Eden Paradise is a unique animal shelter that provides a loving home for animals with severe disabilities and cancer. The estate in France has been the home of dogs and cats with special care needs since 2013. In December 2019 the farm was completely taken over by Animal Eden e.V.

We see our animal inhabitants as equal fellow creatures, who start every day on the estate with its own lake, forest and green spaces, full of zest for life and zest for action. Together with the dogs and cats lives a community of women, who come from the humane care sector, who know the daily needs of the animals and provide 24 hours for their well-being and safety. The estate as well as the costs for food and medical care of the animals are covered by sponsorships. Again and again we take in animals that are undersupplied in other homes or are simply threatened with being killed due to a handicap or serious illness. Animal Eden Paradise is proud to offer animals with a predicted life expectancy of 3-6 months a life span of 3-4 years. We make these “small” miracles possible by combining conventional medical treatment methods with holistic healing methods such as homeopathy, natural remedies, therapeutic swimming, etc. and very specific pain medication if necessary.

Every day we experience the joy of life and the gratitude of the animals we are allowed to care for. Since 2018 we have also been passing on our knowledge of the requirements of everyday care in targeted student programmes.