Previous Campaigns
2018 Animal Eden Izmir

Animal Eden in Izmir provided 75 dogs in a large-scale neutering project with a German-Austrian-Swiss  team.


Furthermore a solar system was installed and a 10.000 litre water tank was donated. Thanks to our donors, the outdoor enclosures were built with dog kennels. The privately run shelter had to get along without electricity, water and light until now. The dogs were exposed to the weather – continuous rain and flooding in winter, burning heat in summer – without protection.

dog and cat

We received a cry for help from Ute from Djerba. Ute has lived on Djerba for 16 years and has dedicated her life there to animal welfare. Now she is seriously ill and her home has to be closed. There is no one who can and wants to take over it on site, and also no one to whom she could trust her animals. Animal life is worthless in Tunisia. Ute has offered a refuge for many animals, for example a dog that was “disposed of” from the moving car on a busy street. She saved another puppy from being stoned by children. The list of abused dogs and cats is long. Ute is afraid of what will become of her “children” if she loses the fight against the disease! Currently 15 dogs and 18 cats live with Ute. She finances them all from her small pension. And she has achieved really great things – all of her animals are fine. All of their dogs are vaccinated and neutered. The cats are also neutered.

The dogs that stand for mediation and urgently need a new home can be found here on our homepage.

We have found a solution for the cats with an animal shelter in France: There is an empty house there which, after expansion and renovation, is to become an accommodation for Ute’s cats.

Feed and rescue dogs from the only shelter in Palestine-Bethlehem.
Schimmi was saved from killing.
Animal Eden sheep
On 18.06.2016, Animal Eden buys 4 sheep, of which 3 are still Animal Eden sheep: Aramis, Francis and Jasmine are now living as godparents on a sanctuary.
Enclosed you can see how the life of an animal is paid by weight, the “life value” is calculated per kilo.
Oldest Private Shelter Istanbul

In 2015 we helped the two wonderful sisters Mualla and Gülsen to disband their shelter in Istanbul. It was the oldest private shelter and all animals were lovingly cared for there for decades.
The two sisters had to close the home for reasons of age. For more than 3 years we have been able to successfully convey all animals to loving people.


Many of our handicapped and carcinogenic animals have found a wonderful home here.