Modern animal aid is largely based on relieving animal suffering which was caused by people. The animal is therefor seen as a victim and animal welfare is the response to help these deserving victims.

A Different Approach

To end the suffering for animals now and in the distant future it is necessary to end the discrimination and cruelty towards animals which we impose on them, because they belong to a different species. Western society is based on the concept of speciesism.
Speciesism allows people to view the suffering of animals differently because they belong to another species. Speciesism is also to be found in viewing non equality between sexes (sexism) or races (racism). In imposing this concept on animals, humans are able to built a construct which allows them to exploit this species because of there differences, for example their behavior and emotions.

Also the preference of certain domestic animals or pets, such as cats and dogs versus livestock such as cows and pigs is rooted in this kind of mentality. Speciesism is common in animal welfare in the practice of euthanasia on old, sick and maladjusted animals. It is practice to kill the foetus of cats and dogs during neutering campaigns.

Also the killing of animals in overcrowded shelters is seen as normal when there is little chance of finding suitable homes.

Animal Eden believes in equality of animals (NON HUMAN ANIMALS) and Humans and promotes anti-speciesism in animal aid.