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Animal Eden-der Kalender 2022



Desk calendar
1 – 3 = 3.50 Euro
4 -10 = 6.90 Euro

Wall calendar
1 – 3 = 6.90 Euro
4 – 9 = 12.90 Euro


Desk calendar
1 -10 = 9.90 Euro

Wall calendar
1 – 3 = 9.90 Euro
4 – 9 = 17.90 Euro

FEMALE NUDES- Beautiful women are taking a stand against animal testing!

This calendar is dedicated to the wonderful relationship between women and dogs. We show the viewer the many facets of women and dogs, they can be best friends, artists, explorers, saviors and “mothers” to them. You see our models as protecting angels, swirling in a dance at eye level with Mascarpone the Pug, reflecting life next to each other, quiet in unspoken love.

Our beauties strip bare to remind us, that we are born naked and go naked from this world. They equate their vulnerability and the preciousness of life with that of the dog by taking of their clothes. Their nakedness removes the artificial barrier between humans and animals created my modern society. The images define themselves through the equality among all living beings that arises when we drop our masks and allow ourselves to love without unconditionally.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our animal and human models, the wonderful team, our many sponsors who, as every year, stand truly behind us and make this project possible.

Our thank you goes to our wonderful models, our fantastic photographer and our team who made this artistic project possible.
We thank the Luxury Dessous Label Simone Pérèle for their support.

Our special thanks go to Luna and Pepsi: the former laboratory beagles can be seen with our model Teresa and had a lot of fun on set, a beautiful proof of how meaningful helping lab animals is.

By buying this calendar you donate Euro 29.90 to the rescue of victims of animal testing.


Inspired by the famous animal welfare calendar of the NY Fire Fighters, we approached industries and sponsors who wanted to join us in making a statement against animal testing within Germany. The idea was to create awareness for the victims of animal testing, to raise money for the few lab animals that survive every year, to support them financially and mentally in their new and now safe life. For us, this approach does allow both, to raise awareness against completely unneeded cruelty towards animals as well as supporting the victims, we as humanity did create.

Already with our first calendar project we could raise over 4000! Euros which was given to the Laborbeagleverein for the accommodation and care of former labbeagles, a great surprise for everyone since we created a high level production within two weeks, completely from scratch.

We worked based on the urge to help and our believe that a lot of freelancers, models, industries would share our feeling to help. The support was totally unexpected and overwhelming.

Meanwhile, we work with professional model agencies, make-up artists and great photographers who all feel that they donate their talent to our calendar against animal testing.

Every year our calendar is sexy, artistic and depicts the relationship between humans and animals on the base of equality. Our animal photo models are never objects in the final picture, they are friends.

Facts: Over 9.400.000 (Million) Animals were abused and killed 2020 in Germany in animal testing.This is why we produce this calendar, this is why we hope you spread the word for our project.

All proceeds go 1:1 towards the care of former lab animals